NOVO Gazette is a news outlet that publishes "alternative world news," where you will be able to find unique content on a wide range of topics such as press freedom, online privacy, cybersecurity, activism, whistleblowers, terrorism, lesser-known social movements around the world, and more.

​I have started this platform with a small international team of journalists in order to be able to conduct independent journalism free of every kind of political pressure and concerns, as well as give my colleagues from various countries an environment, where they can freely express themselves without having to please their governments or submissive editorial boards. Therefore, we are not tied to any company or political group.

We believe that anyone who is interested in world news would find pieces worthy of their attention within our publication. If you like our work and would like to support us, you can find our Patreon link here.

We are also open to contributions from our readers. Please feel free to email us your articles.

G. Hilal Aygun (Stellmach)

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